During the Second World Wat there was in Mielenz a working party of Stalag XXB for about 15 British POWs. They worked on farms and at the baker’s. POWs were polite, helpful and very young men. At night the soldiers gathered in a small room and were guarded by a German called a Wachmann. Their room was neat and tidy. As the British POWs received the Red Cross parcels they possessed some goods like cigarettes, bars of chocolate, powdered milk, coffee etc.

Henryk Burchardt remembers some of prisoners first names: Arthur, Alan, Jackob, Harry and Joseph. Their surnames and POW numbers are unknown. Alan and Arthur worked for the local baker Neumann. Joseph helped on a farm of the Lietz family (Henryk’s parents). One day before winter German stopped the working commando and took all the prisoners to the main camp Stalag XXB.

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